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August FCSAR Meeting

Air Evac Helo

The August FCSAR meeting began with the team hosting Air Evac Landing Zone Training. We had a very large crowd of volunteer first responders from all over Franklin County.
Rick Rauser RN/EMT-P, who is the Program Director for Air Evac Lifeteam, spoke to us about the capabilities of the helicopter, how to set up a LZ for the helo, and what the pilot sees from the air compared to what we see from the ground. He taught us the best way to position lights, how the lights affect the pilot when using night vision goggles and how important it is to report all of the power lines in the area to the pilot. Mr. Rauser explained to the class the correct way to approach the helo and how important it was to follow the crew’s orders when loading a patient. The training was very informative and I’m sure will be very useful in the future. FCSAR thanks all of the Air Evac Lifeteam for their service to our community.
After the LZ training a short break was announced and FCSAR invited any of the visitors to stay for the rest of the Search and Rescue team meeting. The discussion shifted to future team activities, training, and the past month’s search missions. ***Thank you to all who participated.*** -Sutter

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Bob Koester- Lost Person Behavior

Lost Person Behavior by Bob Koester

   On August 18th at the Ft. Chaffee Theater , FCOEM is co-hosting a training seminar featuring Bob Koester, the author of Lost Person Behavior. Mr. Koester will be speaking specifically on “at risk subjects” such as those with Dementia, those who are Autistic, and those who may be despondent.
Book purchase and signing will begin at 0730 and the seminar is planned for 0800-1700hrs.

Bob Koester joined the Appalachian SAR Conference in 1981 and since has participated in hundreds of searches. He holds a Masters of Science degree in biology from the University of Virginia. His contributions to SAR include seminal research on lost person behavior (with emphasis on dementia) and the International Search and Rescue Database. He is a Type 1 incident commander, instructor for Virginia D.E.M., has done work for the Coast Guard, NASA, Nation Parks Service, and FEMA. He has presented all over the world and created the International Journal of Search and Rescue.

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