Bob Koester- Lost Person Behavior

Lost Person Behavior by Bob Koester

   On August 18th at the Ft. Chaffee Theater , FCOEM is co-hosting a training seminar featuring Bob Koester, the author of Lost Person Behavior. Mr. Koester will be speaking specifically on “at risk subjects” such as those with Dementia, those who are Autistic, and those who may be despondent.
Book purchase and signing will begin at 0730 and the seminar is planned for 0800-1700hrs.

Bob Koester joined the Appalachian SAR Conference in 1981 and since has participated in hundreds of searches. He holds a Masters of Science degree in biology from the University of Virginia. His contributions to SAR include seminal research on lost person behavior (with emphasis on dementia) and the International Search and Rescue Database. He is a Type 1 incident commander, instructor for Virginia D.E.M., has done work for the Coast Guard, NASA, Nation Parks Service, and FEMA. He has presented all over the world and created the International Journal of Search and Rescue.

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One thought on “Bob Koester- Lost Person Behavior

  1. Randy Kinsworthy

    Any word yet on any fire department classes that was to be set up?We had chiefs meetings and just wondered if those classes have dates yet?

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