October Search and Rescue Meeting

Figure 8 on a bight

Oct. FCSAR Monthly Meeting
The October Franklin Co. Search and Rescue meeting began with a Ropes and Knots training session. As with all technical skills, ropes and knots skills are perishable. FCSAR members must remain up to speed on the basics as well as new ways of performing technical rescues and the important details that are required to perform the task safely. The Ropes and Knots portion of the training was the last class in a year long list of skills that FCSAR Training Officers teach.
Next, Holly Odom presented on the use of social media in SAR. Her presentation discussed the ability to use social websites to gain information on lost subjects such as: contact info, family history, personality traits, physical features and fitness, etc. The presentation was full of very useful information and was well received by all of the team members. Thank You Holly!
The meeting finished up with Fred discussing: FCSAR team activities, future training, uniforms, team member contact information, the new way of paging out team members, and communication devices.
Thank you to all who participated in October’s meeting. I hope to see you all on the trail enjoying the fall colors.

– Sutter

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2 thoughts on “October Search and Rescue Meeting

  1. Misty

    Will someone fill me in on the new way of paging team members?

    • Misty, we are using eDispatch–we are still working through a few quirks so let me know if we need to re-add you! –Melissa

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