OES Notepad

By Fred Mullen

The past couple of weeks we have been busy with some of the unpleasant stuff for responders–vehicle accidents.  When it rains,  it tends to create the perfect environment for wrecks. As you travel  for work or  pleasure, please  remember to take extra care when it is raining.

Sunday morning our Dispatch Center received a call from a woman who was receiving text messages from her husband’s friend saying that they had a off road vehicle accident on  the Mill Creek Trail System.  Pettigrew Fire Department (Madison County), Barnes Fire Department, Franklin County EMS and SAR responded to the scene.  The injured man was assisted to the trail head and taken by family vehicle to a hospital with minor injuries.

Citizens should always beware, severe weather can strike in Franklin County at any time.  You and your family need multiple ways to stay aware of the situation and receive emergency warnings.  Here are some things you can do to help your family and place of work to be Weather Wise: 1) Listen to the daily weather forecast on commercial radio or TV. 2) Purchase and use a NOAA tone activated weather radio 3) Sign up for a weather warning app on your smart phone.  Franklin County residents can use CodeRed for free.  For more information check  our web site at www.fcoem.org

Franklin County Responders attend AFC Open House

Shown here are a few of the Franklin County Responders who attended the Arkansas Forestry Commission Open House at Greenbrier this past Saturday. From L to R, Joe Fox, Ark Forestry Commission Director; Fred Mullen, OEM Coordinator; Chief Eugene Wilson, Branch Fire Department; Chief Ruby Robinson, PV Fire Department; Mayor Gerald Harris, City of Branch; Dylan Covert, FC Emergency Responder; Chief Frank Theising, Watalula Fire Department; and, Bill James, Arkansas Forestry Commission Instructor.

Several Franklin County Fire Fighters attended the Arkansas Forestry Commission open house on Saturday in Greenbrier.  There were over 30 vendor and education booths.  We learned some stuff that will help us make Franklin County a safer place to live, work and visit. See related photo in this edition.

Had a great time at the Barnes Fire Department Chile Supper.  Those folks put on a great meal with outstanding music and fellowship.  Remember, Saturday night is Bingo Night at Cecil Fire Department–it’s super fun!

RESPONDER TRAINING–Mon Nov 5 at 1800 hrs AFA Scene Lightning Class at Watalula Fire Department.  Thu Dec 6 at 1800 hrs AFA Communications Class at Watalula Fire Department. Mon Jan 7, 2019 at 1730 hrs AFC Firewise Orientation Meeting at Watalula Fire Department.  For more info on these two classes and 1 meeting call Frank at 573-821-5570.  Sat Jan 26 at 0800 hrs NWCG S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior at Arkansas Tech campus (8 hours Act 833 Credit). For more info on this class call Fred at 479-209-0818.

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