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Cecil Mail and Prescription Medication Information

Message from Cecil Post Office:

Cecil (72930) residents who did not get their mail delivered can pick up their mail at the Cecil Post Office where it is being held during the Flood Event Operating Hours of

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

They must bring a Valid Identification with them to receive their mail.

They can call (479) 667-4325 to check for more information regarding their mail.

If you normally get your medication delivered by mail South of the Arkansas River, they are trying to direct those KNOWN medications to the Cecil Post Office. If you are expecting medication in the mail (again, South of the Arkansas River in Franklin County), you can call the Cecil Post Master LeaAnn Bramlett at (479) 667-4325 and they will be on the lookout for your delivery and you can coordinate with them to pick up those Mail-delivered Medications at the Cecil Post Office during the Flood Event Hours of Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Again, they must bring a Valid Identification with them to receive their medications-by-mail.

If a Franklin County Citizen has or is about to run out of medication that they would normally pick up, they are asked to call their local Pharmacist. They have a plan in place for you to pick up your medication at another Pharmacy and can help you coordinate that temporary change.

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FC OEM News Release

Franklin County authorities continued to monitor the flood waters through out last evening.  Local early morning showers  added an inch of water to some parts of the Arkansas River Watershed.  At 4:00 AM this morning the river level was 375.62 feet with an anticipated crest of 377 feet to be reached late tonight or early Thursday morning.

Crews at the Pleasant View Water Users Association sandbagged their pump station on Highway 64 near White Oak Creek on Monday.  Emergency Management Coordinator Fred Mullen  checked with them on Tuesday and the pump was still working although some water had seeped into the pump house. The quality of the system’s water has not been impacted.

Additional roads have been impacted in rural areas as well as the City of Ozark.  In Ozark, drivers can expect some congestion on River and Bell Streets at the Post Office; Bell and Market Street intersection has been closed; traffic control devices are located on Highway 64 at Barcliff Lane, but at this time the Highway is still open.

Highway 23 South remains closed to through traffic just south of Webb City.  Hwy 309 is now closed at Morris Creek as well as Smith Creek. Most roads into the bottom lands south of Altus are closed.  For a comprehensive list of road closures see the OEM website at www.fcoem.org If you need to travel outside of the County, please check the I Drive Arkansas website.

Two Hot Lines have been established to assist persons who have been impacted by the flooding.  One is the Help Hot Line  for those who need to request non-emergency assistance such as sandbags, food, and shelter.  It is 479-213-6015.  The other is the Volunteer Hot Line for those who want to volunteer to help with the response phase or recovery phase, please call 479-213-6551.  Please DO NOT call either of these numbers for information concerning the roads and streets.

A plan is being finalized later today to assist those who need meals and  medications delivered to their homes.  More information will be made available to the pubic later today.  This service will be for those who cannot travel because of flooded roads and whose regular meal service has been interrupted.   Anyone who needs this assistance can call the Help Hot Line.

Franklin County Judge Rickey Bowman says that the public’s assistance and cooperation has been superb during this incident.  Several volunteers have come out to help on projects and local response agency’s  personnel have put in extra effort which has worked well to serve the public. 

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