Highways Closed Sunday June 2, 2019

We have spoken with the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) this morning and Highway 64 will remain CLOSED at least until Monday. Highway 23 South at the Arkansas River Bridge will remain CLOSED until further notice. To check other Highways in the State of Arkansas, please check www.idrivearkansas.com

Also, we would like to remind citizens that even after the water does go down, the roads which have been submerged and closed will have to be inspected by an engineer to insure their safety for travel. Please do not drive around barricades–you run the risk of putting yourself and responders at risk, plus the risk of getting a ticket.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone!

Current list of Roads Closed in Franklin County

City of Ozark:

Highway 64 at South Bell Street       

Barcliff Lane at Highway 64

East Market and North Bell Street

East River Street at Post Office

East Spring Street

Bell Street at River Street

Bell Street at Main Street

Bell Street at Market Street

Carter King Mountain Road at East Spring Street

Highway 23 South and Highway 64 across from CVs Family Foods

King Mountain Road

Lock and Dam Road

Webb City / South Ozark Area:

Highway 23 South of Arkansas River Bridge at Terry’s Tire

Santa Fe Trail at Corps of Engineers Relief

Highway 309 at Moores Creek

Highway 309 at Smith Creek

Altus / Denning / Alix Area:

Carbon Plant Road west of West Creek Road

Covert Road

Jennie Road

Kenny Hole Road

Kirk Road

Lock and Dam Road

Plum Street at Coon Tree Road

Plum Street at Iron Station Road

Etna Area:

Sheep Farm at Carpenter Cemetery

Sheep Farm Road at Hurricane Creek

Aux Arc Park

White Oak Park

Pleasant View Area: 

Mattie / Adams Road and White Oak Creek

White Oak Park Road

Facilities / Parks:

Aux Arc Park

White Oak Park

East Side Park

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