By Franklin County Joint Information Center (FCJIC)

Hwy 64 is open in Ozark.  Arkansas Department of Transportation officials do not anticipate the current flooding cycle will put water back over it. However, Hwy 23 remains closed and will do so until the water recedes from it.  

On Sunday, information from state and federal sources describes the flood situation in Franklin County as ‘steady’ with a generally downward trend.  Rain is in the forecast for the next 5 days, but Weather Service officials do not think that the amount will cause a rise in the water level, however, it is anticipated the local and regional rains will slow down the pace of the water receding.

     Ozark City Street foreman Jody Samply reminds citizens that some roads may remained closed for a few days after the water is gone sown to allow time for inspections to take place.  Though this is slow moving water and is not expected to lead to much erosion, the saturation can weaken the road materials. 

     Emergency medical officials are proud to report there have not been any injuries or accidents directly attributable to the flood waters.  Neither has there been great problems for EMS and Fire answering calls because of the closed roads.

      OEM Senior Deputy Coordinator Melissa Francis, with the help of volunteers staffing hot line phones, continues to collect names of those who need assistance and those who want to help.  Francis says that offers of help have come from as far away as Dallas.  She adds that as the water recedes, OEM will plan work days for the volunteers to come help.  There will be debris to clear from some parks and peoples lawns.  Some residents will need help with cleaning and making repairs to homes.  Those numbers are, if you need help call 479-213-6551, and , if you want to volunteer to help, call 479-213-6015.

Rick Covert, 9-1-1 Manager, is asking citizens to not call 9-1-1 to inquire about road closures.  They can report road closures at 479-667-4176.  See www.fcoem.org for a comprehensive list of Franklin County Road Closures.  If you need to travel elsewhere in Arkansas, please check the I Drive Arkansas website.

 Judge Rickey Bowman asks citizens to give a pat on the back to emergency responders, road crews, utility workers, and all the volunteers who have worked diligently to limit the damage of the flood water and  provide needed services. Its been a tough week for all those folks with the storms, flooding, special events and other mission they have undertaken. 

Current List of Known Roads/Facilities Closed:

City of Ozark:

Bar Cliff Lane at Highway 64

East Market and North Bell Street

East River Street at Post Office–South Entrance of Post Office is Blocked but you can come in the entrance at South Bell and Main Street

East Spring Street

Bell Street at River Street

Bell Street at Main Street

Bell Street at Market Street

Carter King Mountain Road at East Spring Street

Highway 23 South and Highway 64 across from CVs Family Foods

King Mountain Road

Lock and Dam Road

Webb City / South Ozark Area:

Highway 23 South of Arkansas River Bridge at Terry’s Tire

Santa Fe Trail at Corps of Engineers Relief

Highway 309 at Moores Creek

Highway 309 at Smith Creek

Altus / Denning / Alix Area:

Carbon Plant Road west of West Creek Road

Covert Road

Jennie Road

Kenny Hole Road

Kirk Road

Lock and Dam Road

Plum Street at Coon Tree Road

Plum Street at Iron Station Road

Etna Area:

Sheep Farm at Carpenter Cemetery

Sheep Farm Road at Hurricane Creek

Aux Arc Park

White Oak Park

Pleasant View Area: 

Mattie / Adams Road and White Oak Creek

White Oak Park Road


Aux Arc Park

White Oak Park

East Side Park

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