Friday June 7 NEWS RELEASE

By Franklin County Joint Information Center

According to the Tulsa Office of the National Weather Service, flood water levels will continue to recede through Sunday.  However, on Sunday, the gates on lakes in Oklahoma will be opened which will cause the water  in Franklin County to  go back up to about 364.4 which is the current level at the Ozark Lock and Dam.

     Roads remaining closed in Franklin County includes Kenny Hole Road, Jenny Road at the 2000 Block, Kirk Road at the southern end and Sheep Farm Road at Hurricane Creek.

      Coon Tree Road through the Alix Bottoms is open but it is advised to use extreme caution because it is very wet and muddy.   Judge Rickey Bowman reminds citizens that the roads could have damage where the water crossed them and that they can be very slick.  He advises, “Drive Carefully.”

    Repairs have been made to Hopkins Street in Branch and it is open.  This street was damaged during a flash flood event on Wednesday afternoon.

     The City of Ozark reports that the East Side Park is open.  Mayor Roxie Hall reports that the Street Department and Fire Department are still involved in cleaning on some streets in Ozark.  All streets in Ozark are now open.

Franklin County OEM Coordinator Fred Mullen  reminds private property owners who have damaged property due the flood water to call 479-667-4909.  Leave your name and number and your call will be returned.  At this time, FEMA has not activated a program for private property loses but Mullen remains hopeful that they will.  He says it is important to show the FEMA officials a list of damaged properties and estimated dollar amounts for the loses. 

     If citizens need assistance with cleanup due to the flood water they can request it on the HELP HOTLINE at 479-213-6015.  If you want to help with the clean up call the VOLUNTEER HOTLINE at 479-213-6551. 

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