OES Notepad

By Fred Mullen

All agencies who had responses directly related to weather events from Tue May 21 through Fri Jun 14,  you may be eligible for reimbursement under the FEMA 4441-DR Category A and B  program.  Examples of activities included are: Debris Removal, Rescue Calls, Traffic Control, Protective Measures, etc. Please contact me so we can include your actions in the claims. 

Unfortunately, FEMA will not be providing an Individual Assistance program for Franklin County.  We did not have enough residential damage to qualify.  Commercial and Agricultural interest cam file claims through the Small Business Administration.

Responders have been completing a lot of training recently.  Fire classes have been held at Branch Fire Department and Watalula Fire Department.  Last week, ten fire fighters completed the AFA Certified Training Officers class.  Two took the class for a refresher and there are now eight new candidates to receive their CTO certificates as soon as they pass the written test to be given on Fri Jun 28 at the Watalula Fire Department.

Eight SAR Team members attended the Arkansas Association of Search and Rescue Conference in Russellville last week.  The four day conference offered sessions in in Search Management, Wilderness Navigation, Wilderness First Aid, Drones, Canines, etc.  I was excited when I added it up, our group attended a total of 234 contact hours over the four days.  Four team members also presented Field and Management  topics. 

Agencies, remember, we are in fireworks season.  Live fuels are super-saturated now.  But remember after a few days of wind and sun, those pine needles on the roof tops, and,  hay will be ready to burn.  We have hit Heat Index of over 100, so be ready to rehab your crews. 

Up coming training includes: 1) Sat Jun 29 at 08:00  AFA Intro and PPE at the Watalula FD–POC is Frank at 479-209-3777.  2) Mon Jul 1 at 19:00 AFA Portable Fire Extinguishers at the Branch FD–POC is Dan at 479-965-5607.  3)  Mon Jul 1 at 17:30  AFA Ladders (part 1)  at the Ozark FD.  Part 2 will be Mon Jul 20 at 17:30.  Part 3 will be Sat Jul 20 at 08:00. POC is Nick at 479-667-7362

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