OES Notepad

By Fred Mullen

OES NOTEPAD by Fred Mullen

Weather Message–Responders and citizens, be aware, the summer severe weather pattern is here.  Along with classic thunderstorms forming along frontal boundaries, we will see locally and rapidly developing storms with a tendency to roam around.  These storm often create micro-burst. Rotation in these storms is often delayed in detection by radar.  Safety Message–an accurate scene size-up shared with Dispatch and incoming resources prevents injuries and sometimes deaths.  It is the responsibility of the initial first responder on the scene to ensure this initial size up is broadcast.

Franklin County OEM/FS has received some supplies and equipment donations (shovels, safety glasses, drinking water, etc)  for Fire Departments and the EMS.  Deliveries have been made to Charleston, Branch, Oak Bend/Etna and South Ozark/Webb City Departments. I will be calling the rest of you to arrange delivery times.  Special thanks to Melissa, Randy and Nick for helping with the logistics.

Fireworks shows are in Altus and Charleston on Thu Jul 4 and in Ozark on Fri Jul 5.  Other county fire departments are asked to be on standby for mutual aid request during the shows.

On Sat Jun 29, six fire fighters completed the AFA Intro to Fire Fighting and Personal Protective Equipment Classes at the Watalula Fire Department.  Instructor Frank Theising reported that there were 3 personnel from JC RFD 8 (Hunt), 2 from Watalula, and 1 from Altus.

Upcoming training: Sat Jul 13 at 08:00 AFA Basic Auto Extrication at the Watalula Fire Department  NOTE: There is an omission on Edition 8 of the Events Schedule–Mon Aug 5 at 18:00 AFA Safety and Health at the Watalula Fire Department.  POC for both classes is Frank at 479-209-3777.

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