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Emergency Vehicle Driving Class September 19th

Watalula Fire Chief, Frank Theising will present the Emergency Vehicle Driving Class on September 19 at 8:00 AM. The location for the class will be at Altus Rural Fire Department Station #2 in Denning, 619 South Cherry Street.

To register contact (479) 209-3777.

AFTA Guidelines for Off Campus Classes will be followed.

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AFTA Guidelines for Off Campus Classes

From the Arkansas Fire Training Academy (AFTA)…

Because of the nature of our nation’s current situation, AFTA will not allow students to attend classes without a signed waiver and application to attend classes. The student without the above mentioned will not be allowed to attend class.

Reminder that course request forms will be turned in 30 days before the class and student applications must be in two weeks before the class starts.

Students shall have an application and waiver to the AFTA prior to attending the class. Anyone not on the roster will not be allowed to attend class.

Students will be screened each morning. A check sheet will be provided. Each student will need a sheet and will be filled out each day.

Class size will depend on size of classroom (students 6 feet apart).

Students are highly recommended to wear a reusable cloth mask.

Department must furnish hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes. Exception will be if student brings own hand sanitizer.

Students will wipe off desk twice a day, beginning of the day and after lunch.

Students will not collect together during breaks.

Bathroom use should be limited in number to maintain social distancing.

Bathrooms shall be cleaned as needed.


Students will maintain a social distance.

Groups will only come together as a team once face pieces are in place.

Once the skill is complete, social distancing will be maintained.

Students will have their own rehydrating supplies (water, Gatorade, etc.). No coolers or jugs of water for the entire class to use will be allowed.


Your local fire department chief or training officer will have additional information to share.

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