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Wildland Firefighting Class Schedule

July 27-28 6-10 PM Sebastian County Sebastian County Training Center 205 South Coker Greenwood, AR Contact (479) 221-6800

August 3-4 6-10 PM Madison County St. Paul Fire Department 366 Locust Street St. Paul, AR Contact (479) 601-7440

August 17-18 6-10 PM Crawford County Alma Fire Department Station #1 55 South Mountain Grove Road Alma, AR Contact (479) 651-3814

August 24-25 6-10 PM Franklin County Ozark Franklin County Agri-Extension Service Conference Room 300 Airport Road Ozark, AR Contact (479) 209-3777

Arkansas Forestry Commission is asking that students who have not had the class be the ones in attendance. This allows them to offer the class to students needing to be certified, and allows for closer adherence to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

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