AFA Classes at the Branch Fire Department

Assistant Chief Dan Cibik of the Branch Fire Rescue will be presenting the following classes;

Classes on Meeting Nights:

5/2/2022 – Chapter 2 Communications 2hrs. 6/6/2022 – Chapter 3 Building Construction 2 hrs. 7/11/2022- Chapter 16 Building Materials & Collapse 2 hrs. 8/1/2022 Chapter 6 Portable Fire Extinguishers 2 hrs.

Classes on Saturdays:

4/16/2022 – Chapter 20 Fire Origin & Cause 4 hrs. and Chapter 4 Fire Dynamics 4 hrs.

5/14/2022 – Chapter 11 Tactical Ventilation 12 hrs.

6/11/2022 – Chapter 12 Fire Hose 12 hrs.

7/16/2022 – Chapter 19 Incident Scene Operations 8 hrs.

All classes are AFA, and applications must be submitted 2 weeks prior to class.

The Saturday classes will be one day, and all material will be covered.

For more information contact Asst. Chief Dan Cibik/Instructor, Branch Fire Rescue, at (479) 965-5607

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