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O.E.S. Notepad

By: Fred Mullen

Franklin  County Responders

Franklin County Responders discuss plans for responding to the report of an missing college age student. From L to R–Professor Chris Rambo, Arkansas Tech; Chief Devin Bramlett, Ozark Police Department; EMS/9-1-1 Director Randy Boren; OEM Senior Deputy Coordinator, Melissa Francis; OEM Volunteer, Holly Odom. Attending but not pictured, Cass Job Corps Safety Director, Travis Johnson; and, OEM Coordinator Fred Mullen. (Picture by Fred Mullen

Arkansas Tech University Department of Criminal Justice Instructor Chris Rambo hosted a group of Franklin County Responders this past Friday to discuss the topic of missing college age students.  The training event was centered around a webinar provided by the National Criminal Justice Training Center entitled Missing and Abducted College Students.  A round table discussion followed the webinar.  Rambo said, “Colleges and trade schools need to be prepared in the event a student goes missing.  I very much appreciate the efforts of local responders efforts regarding this.”

I think the webinar followed by local discussion is an ideal way to train.  The webinar provides information that has proven value and then  we can discuss its lessons learned/best practices application for us in Franklin County.  Plus, each responder earns continuing education hours. Special thanks to Professor Rambo,  Arkansas Tech and the NCJTC.

Upcoming Training for October–Hybrid Cars on Saturday, October 20 at 0800 hours at the Logan County OEM Training Room, 205 East Maple Street in Paris.    For more information, call AFA Adjunct Instructor Dan Cybik at 479-965-5607. AFA Scene Lighting class will be presented on Monday Nonmember 5 at 1800 hours at the Watalula Fire Department.  For more information, call AFA Adjunct Instructor Frank Theising at 573-821-5570.

SAFETY TIP–Check your emergency kit so  your vehicle is ready for winter travel. Check the flashlight batteries, add an extra blanket, warm hat and gloves. Change out the water bottles you have been carrying all summer and pack them in layers so they are less likely to freeze. Add some snacks, a box of tissue, and restock the first aid kit.  Check the cord on your phone charger and GPS unit to see if they are damaged or worn.


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OES Notepad Week of October 2, 2017

Written by Fred Mullen

Well, I’m sure you have noticed, its getting dry.  We are not quite ready for a burn ban, but we really want to discourage you from burning until we get significant moisture back into the small cured and dormant fuels.  The Nature Conservancy had planned to burn the heritage prairie lands north of Charleston this week, but decided to hold off for a while.  If you decide to burn, please schedule it so you can stay with it and have tools and water to keep it in control.  If it gets out of control, immediately call 9-1-1 so we can come help you.  Also, if you plan to burn, call the Dispatch Center at 479-667-4127–give them your name, address, phone number and fire information (number of acres, brush piles, etc.)

Deer hunting season is here!   This means in part, we have  responses to where a hunter has fallen from the tree stand or turned over a 4-wheeler.  Help us help you by leaving some information about your proposed hunt with a family member or friend.  Let them know where you are going to park your vehicle, where you will be from your parked vehicle, what time you should be considered ‘past due.’  In case you have to spend an unexpected night in the woods, take a few basic supplies: some extra water; some snacks such as hard candy, crackers or cookies; small flashlight; small first aid kit, dose of meds,  etc. For a more comprehensive list, Goggle ‘The Essentials’ and customize your supplies as you need.  Take a compass and know your Cardinal Directions (North, South, East, and West). Establish a perimeter in each of those directions.  For example, if I go North about 1 mile, I will run into White Rock Mountain Road; if I go East about 1/2 mile I will run into Apple Tree Road, etc.

Hikers, boaters, ORV drivers,fishermen–whatever your activity, be ready to spend an unexpected night out and let folks know where you are going.  We have really outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities in our part of Arkansas and most folks never  have a bit of trouble, but sometimes nature or mechanical problems will throw you a curve.  It takes just a bit of more prepared when it does happen.

Well, you say, what about my GPS.  By all means use it and take extra batteries. But on your trip is not the time to learn how to use it or use your GPS phone apps.  Practice with them before you go.

For more information, please check our webpage at or give me a call at 479-209-0818.

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