Contact Us

Franklin County Emergency Management

Business Hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30pm

24-Hour Contact: (479) 667-4176

300-A Airport Rd.
Ozark, AR 72949
Phone: (479) 667- 4909
FAX: (479) 667-4910


Coordinator–Rick Covert
Contact Info:
Office Phone: (479) 667-4909
Cell Phone: (479) 209-0395

Tom Jones
Hazardous Materials Deputy Coordinator–Tom Jones
Contact Info:
Phone: (479) 667-4909


6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Randy Kinsworthy

    Please add Altus to email…..

  2. Bonnie Isaksen

    I will be moving to Ozark shortly from new jersey ,and i am currently on the middletown emergency mamagement cert team. i would love very much to be a part of ARES in your area. awaiting closing on my house. I already had training classes. many referances also. please email more information. thank you very much, bonnie lynn isaksen at –

    • Bonnie,
      I was reviewing comments–was Rick Covert KD5GSP, our Deputy Coordinator over ARES ever able to get in touch with you? Sincerely, Melissa Francis, KD5MXW

  3. Kathleen

    I am looking at moving to ozark ar, I currently live in Florida, I see it it close to the river, can you tell me if there is flooding issues in ozark

    • Arkansas, as any other state, experiences basically two types of flooding:

      1) Flash Floods which are due to locally heavy rain in a watershed. This impacts small streams with varying results depending on rainfall amounts in a given area. Again, as every other state, sometimes bridges are covered by water, there street flooding, and structures can be impacted.

      2) River Flooding (Arkansas River in Franklin County Arkansas ) is due to heavy rains in the watershed all the way from Colorado to Arkansas. The Corps of Engineers has a flood plan for the River which includes dams, levies, and extensive flowage easements. Flooding in Franklin County since the channelization project was completed back in the 1970’s in limited to timber and agricultural land.

      Please check with more knowledgeable sources such as the Franklin County Flood Plane Manager:

      1) Sam Dunn at

      2) Flood plane maps for Franklin County Arkansas are available at and for Ozark, AR at

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